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・゚・G.I.R.L ・゚・G.I.R.L ・゚・G.I.R.L ・゚・G.I.R.L

Welcome to my website! My name is Frances Emm, based in Los Angeles, CA. I go by many names online. The favorite is my alter ego: Iridian. What started as a Wizard101 handle has turned into a lifetime name that has followed me around for over a decade! Anyway, thank you so much for clicking. You know I hate the new web. I miss the old times on geocities when I sat down on my old COMPAQ computer and typed away at my code. I made so many doll websites. That was the beginning of my internet addiction. That old internet placed me in a distinct time that has since informed every aspect of my work in every way. My artwork continuously draws from themes that I find most inspiring: old web from my childhood. (´• ω •`) ♡

So who am I? Well... I don't really know. I want to be an artist. I make videos and visual art. I love to perform. I love film, music videos, animation... video games... webart... essentially anything. I can't paint. I wish I could. I can't play any instruments. My dream is to become an artist that gets paid to make things. And as I see the tide in pop culture turning back in time to the geocities era, I worry I have missed my chance. Though, if you would like to see my work, please click on my "links" page. I have my vimeo linked there for your viewing pleasure! And please -- if you like what you see, go ahead and contact me and I would love to work with you. Support the arts, hell yeah!


Every form of media that you see on my site is created by me! Except this layout, which was created by an icon linked below. I used to know HTML code, but honestly it's too difficult now that my brain is no longer spongey. Enjoy my website and come again! (︶ω︶))